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Witness the downfall of a cross-dressing husband, as he's forcibly turned into a shamed sissy slut

If you like filthy fiction, then read my latest hardcore tale of sissification and humiliation. Erotic Fiction for Sissies I have always loved putting my filthiest fantasies down on paper for everyone to read. I especially enjoy giving my dominant wife an insight into the wrapped perversions in my sissy mind, but she might be in for a bit of shock when she reads my latest erotic novella SHAMED SISSY SLUT . It tells the tale of a man who is forced to act as a lingerie model at an underwear and sex toy sales party being thrown by his wife, and as well as having to go through the humiliation of parading around in lingerie in front of a baying pack of women, he also faces the utter shame of dealing with the husbands who come to pick them up! Sissy Sex Stories The new novel combines lots of my favourite kinks and fetishes, including forced (but not entirely unwilling) feminisation, small cock humiliation, bondage, discipline, female-led-relationships, public exposure
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My domme wife Chloe's latest gift - an 'Official Sissy Status' ID card

I have a debit card, a credit card, a Nectar card, a Boots Advantage card - and now I have a sissy card, too! Sissy Exposure A real man wouldn't put up with half the things I accept from my wife, but then I've never been a real man. I don't fight it when she makes me dress up like a fairy, or when she brings home studs and has sex with them while I watch - and I don't even mind that she's encouraged me to expose myself online by sharing lots of photos of me all dolled up in my sissy attire. But every now and then, she'll do something that sets me a little bit too much on edge, like purchasing an Official Sissy Status Card from Strict Mistress and demanding that I keep it in my wallet at all times. Official Sissy Status ID Cards Now don't get me wrong, because the card is cute and lovely. I would be more than happy to have one in my purse - just as I'm happy to show off my e-sissy card online - but I really don't like the t

I get a full force spanking from my dominant wife for being such a failure of a man

Why I'm so often forced to go over Mistress Chloe's knee for a lesson I'll never forget! Sissy Spanked by Wife Spanking and corporal punishment has been a feature of my marriage ever since my wife first discovered that I liked dressing up in female clothes. She regularly pulls me over her knee and pulls down my knickers for a bare bottom thrashing, or sometimes she'll turn my buttocks red with the aid of a paddle or riding crop. She is very forceful when she has to be and always aims to stretch my rather girlie limits, regardless of how much I whine and scream during punishment. She's a proper no-nonsense lady like that; and I'm often left too sore to sit down after one of her agonising discipline sessions! Cross-dressing Transvestite There are lots of reasons why Chloe chooses to treat me to a thrashing. Normally I'm getting spanked for having stolen a pair of her knickers or a pair of her stockings, but sometimes it's just as a p

The thrill and fear of being exposed to the world as a sissy transvestite slut

Every sissy wants the world to know about their sissy ways, but also fears the shame and humiliation of exposure! Sissy Exposed in Public Being a sissy isn't easy and probably the hardest thing is fighting the contradictory desire to be exposed as a sissy and the fear of coming out of the closet. Every day I battle with the issue and never does it get any easier. There's always a part of me that's desperate to prance down the rode in a girlie pink dress and high heel shoes; and there's another part of me that's terrified of anyone knowing about my cross-dressing lifestyle and ashamed of what my friends and workmates would think if they knew I wore knickers and sucked off guys. Cross-dressing Transvestite Cuckold One place it always flares up for me is when I'm in a public toilets. I always wear sexy knickers under my male clothes, and often stockings and suspenders, too, and of course there's always a part of me hoping that the guy a

Sissy Transvestite Sits & Watches Dominant Wife Fucking Hung Black Man

Cross-dressing sissy reveals the extreme humiliation of being cuckolded by his cock-hungry wife! Sissy Forced To Watch I'm often asked how I feel when I am forced to sit and watch my wife in action with a taller, stronger, much better hung and much more masculine man. She sleeps around more and more these days, but always insists on me being there to see it all - and she always demands I wear a sexy feminine outfit and flirt with whichever man she brings home. And normally I have no problem with that, because we share the same taste when it comes to men. We both like them muscular and we both like them hung. But most of all, we both love them black! Cross-dressing Transvestite Cuckold Chloe's most recent sexual encounter was with a horse-hung stud called Leo. He was way over 6 foot tall and had enormous muscles, as well as being blessed with a 9-inch manhood, so you can imagine just how pathetic I felt when Chloe first introduced him to me. Cos I'm st

Public Exposure For Sissy Transvestites Who Fail To Fulfill Their Masculine Duties

Every limp-dicked sissy deserves to have his shameful secrets exposed in print! Transvestite Sissy Exposure Growing up, I always loved going to sex shops and finding copies of transvestite magazines like Sissy Expose, Transformation and Female Mimics International sitting on the shelves. I always used to be really nervous about buying them, because I was 100% in the closet and very uncomfortable with my desire to cross-dress, but I'd somehow pluck up the courage to take them to the counter, then I'd hurry home and flick through all those glorious pages full of feminised men looking fabulously girlie. I particularly enjoyed the photo shoots that showed transvestite maids serving dominant women, or ones showing trannies having sex with men. These mags had a massive influence on me, but I always felt ashamed when I bought them and was terrified my parents or my sister might find them in my secret stash one day. So I kept them well-hidden for fear of being  exposed as

Cock-Loving Transvestite Reveals His Kinky Secrets To His Disappointed Wife

What extreme humiliation - having to read my dirtiest fantasies aloud! Erotic Transvestite Stories I was so excited to finally get hold of the paperback version of my erotic cross-dressing novel BLACK-OWNED SISSY, but my joy quickly turned to anxiety when my wife said she wanted us to sit down and read the book together. She had already made me read a few chapters to her in the past, but this was the first time I would have to read out every single word in the book to her. And since the main character in the book is so clearly based on me and shares all my kinky sissy fantasies, I was basically expressing my own feelings out loud. So that's my lust for black cock; my heartfelt shame about my tiny, inadequate dick; and of course, my passion for wearing pretty, feminine dresses and prancing around in seductive lingerie. Sissy Transvestite Cuckold And it was interesting seeing Chloe's reactions, as I spoke the novels words aloud. Sometimes she would look at me