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Forced Feminisation Of Submissive Husband Whose Tiny Cock Is Too Limp To Please

With a dick as limp and tiny as mine, was it inevitable my wife would transform me into a girl?

Small Cock Humiliation

I have a tiny penis - there are no two ways about it. It's not even three-inches long in its flaccid state and it barely grows on the rare occasions it gets hard. I have always been ashamed of it, and it's always made me feel like a total failure of a man, which might well be one of the main reasons why I've always liked the idea of wearing women's clothing. After all, when you have a dick that's the size of a clitoris, then it's always going to look much better in a pair of skimpy, see-through panties than it's ever going to look trying (and failing) to create a manly bulge in a pair of boxer shorts.

Sissy Transvestite Cuckold

My wife actually laughed the first time she saw my tiny manhood. It was a freezing cold night, so it had shriveled to the point of near invisibility, and she couldn't help but giggle at the sight of a man with so l…

Oh, The Shame And Excitement Of Mincing Down The Road Like The Biggest Sissy In The World

Kinky cross-dresser forced to walk the streets in a girlie pink dress and stilettos.

Sissy Exposed

I always feel a strange mixture of excitement and genuine terror when my dominant wife Mistress Chloe tells me we're going out for a late night walk. It nearly always means she wants to take some pictures of me all dolled up in a public place - and normally she insists upon me wearing a bright pink dress that will stand out for miles and miles around. And such was the case this week on our seaside holiday when she had me prancing up and down the seafront in this ridiculously girlie pink princess dress, a pair of nude silk stockings and a pair of 4-inch stilettos heels. God, what a sissy I looked that night!

Cross-dressing in Public

I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry, as I walked up and down the street that night. A part of me was enjoying being exposed in public - and I definitely loved the feel of the silky pink dress - but as the car horns bibbed and the passers-by snig…

Limp-dicked Sissy Transvestite Mocked By Wife For Inadequate Size Of Manhood

It was the totally inadequate size of my penis that made my wife so keen to see me embrace my true sissy nature.

Sissy Cuckold Humiliation

I often wonder if my life would have worked out differently if I'd been born with a six or seven-inch cock. Instead I've spent my whole life burdened by a tiny limp manhood that doesn't even quite reach three-inches long when it's fully erect - and which only ever gets hard when I'm dressed in women's clothing and fantasizing about being fucked by black men. It means I've always felt inadequate in the bedroom; and I know for sure I've never once made a woman climax! My wife, in particular, never tires of telling me just how useless I am in bed. In fact, she often giggles at the size of my cock - and loves telling me just how bored she was back in the day when she actually used to have sex with me.

Forced Sissy Erotic Fiction

Of course, we don't have sex with each other any longer, because she now only has sex with …