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Public Exposure For Sissy Transvestites Who Fail To Fulfill Their Masculine Duties

Every limp-dicked sissy deserves to have his shameful secrets exposed in print!

Transvestite Sissy Exposure

Growing up, I always loved going to sex shops and finding copies of transvestite magazines like Sissy Expose, Transformation and Female Mimics International sitting on the shelves. I always used to be really nervous about buying them, because I was 100% in the closet and very uncomfortable with my desire to cross-dress, but I'd somehow pluck up the courage to take them to the counter, then I'd hurry home and flick through all those glorious pages full of feminised men looking fabulously girlie. I particularly enjoyed the photo shoots that showed transvestite maids serving dominant women, or ones showing trannies having sex with men. These mags had a massive influence on me, but I always felt ashamed when I bought them and was terrified my parents or my sister might find them in my secret stash one day. So I kept them well-hidden for fear of being exposed as a sissyby thes…

Cock-Loving Transvestite Reveals His Kinky Secrets To His Disappointed Wife

What extreme humiliation - having to read my dirtiest fantasies aloud!

Erotic Transvestite Stories

I was so excited to finally get hold of the paperback version of my erotic cross-dressing novel BLACK-OWNED SISSY, but my joy quickly turned to anxiety when my wife said she wanted us to sit down and read the book together. She had already made me read a few chapters to her in the past, but this was the first time I would have to read out every single word in the book to her. And since the main character in the book is so clearly based on me and shares all my kinky sissy fantasies, I was basically expressing my own feelings out loud. So that's my lust for black cock; my heartfelt shame about my tiny, inadequate dick; and of course, my passion for wearing pretty, feminine dresses and prancing around in seductive lingerie.

Sissy Transvestite Cuckold

And it was interesting seeing Chloe's reactions, as I spoke the novels words aloud. Sometimes she would look at me with shame and disapp…