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Sissy Transvestite Confesses To His Wife About His Shameful Hunger For Huge Black Cocks

Telling my wife I craved a black lover was the most excruciatingly humiliating moment of my life.

Sissy Cuckold Transvestite

I will always remember how nervous I was the first time I told my wife that I wanted to wear her bra and knickers, but that was nothing compared to the shame and humiliation I felt when I first explained to her that I also fancied being fucked by a huge black cock. It helped that we had become more like sisters than husband and wife - and that we were able to have girlie chats about things like make up, dresses, lingerie and men. But even so, it was such an enormously shamefulsissy confession to have to make - to actually say that I wanted to suck black cock.

Forced Sissy Novels

I told her in the bedroom one night while she was transforming me into a pretty girl. She was halfway through doing my make up, and I was sitting there dressed in pink lingerie and stockings, so I just took a deep breath, got the words in my head and then blurted it all out all in one go. …

Wife Watches As Cock-Hungry Sissy Drops His Knickers For Hung Black Man

Sissy transvestite gets fucked by hung black lover in front of wife...

Feminised Sissy Transvestite

My wife was right there watching the first time I ever had sex with a hunky black man. It was Chloe who set up the date for me, as well as being the person who chose my outfit and did my make up for the night, then she sat on the bed and gave me advice as I swallowed my lover's enormous bell-end. The guy in question had an eight-inch erection, so it was one hell of a mouthful for a virgin cocksucker, but I somehow managed to swallow it all - and that was largely thanks to my dominant wife. She kept commanding me to gobble up more and more inches, because that's what a good sissy's meant to do! And so I did as I was told and kept sliding my lips up and down my black lover's giant length.

Gay Sissy Loves Big Black Cock

I was wearing a short red dress that evening, with stockings and suspenders and black knickers underneath. The outfit made me feel incredibly girlie, as did h…

Sissy Transvestite Transforms Into Pretty Princess With Cute Rubber Mask & Glam Blonde Wig

Wearing a female mask allows me to transform from male to female in seconds...

Masked Transvestite

I have always been a cross-dressing sissy, but I haven't always been a transvestite masker. And as with nearly all of my cross-dressing habits, it was something that was suggested to me by my wife. She thought it would be fun if we both went out and got matching masks, then photographed ourselves sharing our large wardrobe of dresses and lingerie. It seems that she likes anything that makes my transvestite transformations look that little bit more kinky - and there's something kind of unusual but also very sexy about being turned into a rubber sex doll and made to dress and behave like a girl.

Cross-dressing Sissy Stories

I don't always wear the mask, of course, and one of my favourite things is when Chloe does my make up for me. Because like most T-girls, I love putting on false eyelashes, eye shadow, lipstick and blusher - and just generally having my face completely feminise…

Slutty Cross-dresser Gets All Dolled Up In Stockings & Suspenders Then Is Exposed To The World As A Sissy Slut

With my sissy pictures now appearing in print, I have no way of hiding my true feminine nature from anyone...

Forced Sissy Exposure

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when my wife said she was going to photograph me in her black lingerie and stockings and then send the pictures into a female domination called STRICT MISTRESS. A part of me was really excited about being made to do the photo shoot, especially as some of the pictures show Chloe forcing a dildo up tight to my lips and also between my arse cheeks. But a bigger part of me was terrified of the prospect of someone I know recognizing me from the pictures. After all, they expose me as the complete and utter cock-sucking sissy I really am - a true embarrassment and failure of a man!

Forced Feminisation By Wife

But for all my doubts, I must admit that I found it really quite exciting when the fem-dom magazine landed on our doorstep yesterday morning. I was nervous to see my picture on the cover, of course. but I was also rat…

Cross-dressing Author Chantelle Cage Forced To Expose His Sissy Secrets By Dominant Wife

Sissy transvestite reveals her kinkiest sexual secrets in hardcore novel at wife's request...

Sissy Cuckold Novella

My wife never wastes an opportunity to expose me as a sissy to the world, but I still can't believe she forced me to write my semi-autobiographical novel BLACK-OWNED SISSY - nor that she keeps a copy of the paperback on permanent display on our coffee table. I have always been a writer - I write advertising copy by day at my office - but never did I expect to put all my darkest sexual fantasies into print. Quite the opposite - my desire to dress in female clothing and pleasure black men was always something I'd expected to stay strictly a secret known only to me. But now with the online publication of my cross-dressing novel and its availability in paperback format, the whole world can read about my total transformation from normal office guy to cocksucking sissy slut.

Forced Feminisation By Wife

But what was even more humiliating for me than seeing the paperba…