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Sissy Transvestite Transforms Into Pretty Princess With Cute Rubber Mask & Glam Blonde Wig

Wearing a female mask allows me to transform from male to female in seconds...

Sissy's forced feminisation by dominant wife

Masked Transvestite

I have always been a cross-dressing sissy, but I haven't always been a transvestite masker. And as with nearly all of my cross-dressing habits, it was something that was suggested to me by my wife. She thought it would be fun if we both went out and got matching masks, then photographed ourselves sharing our large wardrobe of dresses and lingerie. It seems that she likes anything that makes my transvestite transformations look that little bit more kinky - and there's something kind of unusual but also very sexy about being turned into a rubber sex doll and made to dress and behave like a girl.

Erotic fiction by sissy transvestite Chantelle Cage

Cross-dressing Sissy Stories

I don't always wear the mask, of course, and one of my favourite things is when Chloe does my make up for me. Because like most T-girls, I love putting on false eyelashes, eye shadow, lipstick and blusher - and just generally having my face completely feminised with make up. But putting on the mask is a damn sight quicker! And I love how my masked face looks in my pics. It's such a massive transformation. It's really not like looking at myself at all.

My wife looks cute when she wears her mask, too, and I would recommend masking to any couple who want to add some spark back into their marriage. Because not being able to see your partner's face really opens you up when it comes to talking about what turns you on. In my case, I find it so much easier to admit to Chloe that I love wearing pink knickers and sucking black cock when I'm wearing my mask. It's like an added layer of security for me - she can't see me blushing with embarrassment for one thing!

Read the full story of my switch from normal girl to sissy princess in BLACK-OWNED SISSY by Chantelle Cage - available now at A1AdultEBooks.

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