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Sissy T-girl Nearly Exposes Her Frilly Pink Knickers In The Office Toilets

Being made to wear frilly knickers all the time almost leads to a shameful public exposure.

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Sissy Cuckold Transvestite

My dominant wife Chloe really doesn't care who knows that I'm a silly pink sissy with a tiny dick. She often forces me to walk the streets in a girlie outfit - and she couldn't care less if all the neighbours see - and so now it's really only my family and my workmates who are unaware of my female side. But my workmates at the office nearly discovered my secret just the other day, largely because Chloe always insists I wear pretty pink panties underneath my suit. And that can cause problems when I need to take a leak, especially if someone comes and stands next to me at the urinals.

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Forced Sissy Exposure

And so there I was last Monday about to take a piss in the gentlemen's toilets when my manager Bob comes wandering in. And I've already fully unzipped my flies and pulled out my tiny two-inch penis, so there's really not much I can do about it when he chooses the urinal right next to mine. And so I look down at my crotch - and that's when things get really nervy for me - because you can just about see the pink frills of my knickers if you stare through the slit where my flies are open. And you know what guys are like at the urinals - they often check out each other's dicks. And I just have to stand there, anxiously pissing, and not knowing if my boss will spot that I'm a cross-dressed sissy who is wearing ladies underwear!

God, it made for a heart-stopping piss! The office is just about the only place I get to act like a man these days; and not only that but my job is absolutely vital to us paying off our mortgage and paying all our bills. And so I was terrified of being exposed to my colleagues as a sissy with a lust for pink panties and frills; and being sacked on the spot by my boss for being a knicker-wearing perv in the gentlemen's loos. And now it's like that every time I have to use the office toilets. I'm so frightened that someone will see my pink knickers. They're so cute and eye-catching, after all, which means it must be only a matter of time!

Read the full story of my switch from normal girl to sissy princess in BLACK-OWNED SISSY by Chantelle Cage - available now at A1AdultEBooks.

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