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Sissy Transvestite's Obsession With Frilly Knickers Leads To Total Transformation From Man To Girl

How finding a pair of dirty pink panties in the laundry basket changed my life forever.

Mincing sissy craves big black cock

Cross-dressers In Lingerie

I know I'm not the only transvestite whose fascination with women's undergarments started by finding a pair of a female relative's knickers in the laundry basket. In my case, it was a pair of pink satin panties owned by my older sister. I can remember it all quite clearly - how I lifted the lid and saw them lying on top of all the dirty laundry, then how I picked them up, sniffed them and smelled the juices on the crotch. Then also how I drew them up my thighs before sheathing my tiny manhood with that soft and delicate fabric. And best of all, how I then looked in the mirror and saw myself - for the very first time - looking just a little bit like a girl.

Erotic fiction by sissy transvestite Chantelle Cage

Fully Feminised Sissies

And from that moment on, I was hooked on sexy lingerie and I was forever hunting through the laundry basket, eager to try on more and more of my sister's undies. They always felt so soft and sensual against my skin - and when I looked in the mirror, I always got hugely turned on by the sight of my feminized body. And I tried on everything - bras, knickers, stockings, tights, skirts, blouses, dresses - the lot! Yes, I spent hours prancing up and down in front of the bathroom mirror in my sister's clothes. They just felt so right for me to wear. They were colourful, sexy and just so soft - the exact opposite of all the dull male clothes I was normally made to wear.

And then I left home and got married, and still very much in secret, I started doing the same with my wife Chloe's clothes - basically, dressing up in all her dirty things and admiring my girlie reflection in the bathroom mirror. And that's how things stayed for over eight years until my cross-dressing urges became too strong. Yes, I had been in the closet for far too long - and so I confessed to Chloe about my desires. And she didn't just help me out of the closet, she exposed me as a sissy to the entire world!

Read the full story of my transformation from normal girl to sissy princess in BLACK-OWNED SISSY by Chantelle Cage - available now at A1AdultEBooks.

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