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I get a full force spanking from my dominant wife for being such a failure of a man

Why I'm so often forced to go over Mistress Chloe's knee for a lesson I'll never forget!

Sissy cuckold hitches up dress

Sissy Spanked by Wife

Spanking and corporal punishment has been a feature of my marriage ever since my wife first discovered that I liked dressing up in female clothes. She regularly pulls me over her knee and pulls down my knickers for a bare bottom thrashing, or sometimes she'll turn my buttocks red with the aid of a paddle or riding crop. She is very forceful when she has to be and always aims to stretch my rather girlie limits, regardless of how much I whine and scream during punishment. She's a proper no-nonsense lady like that; and I'm often left too sore to sit down after one of her agonising discipline sessions!

Dominant wife forces sissy husband over her knee

Cross-dressing Transvestite

There are lots of reasons why Chloe chooses to treat me to a thrashing. Normally I'm getting spanked for having stolen a pair of her knickers or a pair of her stockings, but sometimes it's just as a punishment for having such a tiny penis and for never once having made her climax in bed. On other occasions, she has spanked my bum after catching me reading gay porn magazines or if she's caught me all dolled up to the nines and using a dildo to pleasure my anus.

I know I'm a huge disappointment to my wife - she thought she was marrying a real man, rather than a useless sissy - so I fully accept all the punishments she gives me; and always feel better for having been told off. That's not to say I enjoy the actual spanking, because it always  really hurts and always makes me feel intensely uncomfortable. But afterwards, once the pain has died down, I feel this sense of calm come over. And I always end up feeling grateful for having a wife who punishes me and puts me in my place for being such a failure of a man.

Read the full story of my switch from normal girl to sissy princess in BLACK-OWNED SISSY by Chantelle Cage - available now at A1AdultEBooks.

Fetish publication exposing sissy transvestites in print


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